How to Get FREE Amazon Gift Cards (Codes) in 8 Ways

Amazon gift cards (codes) are as good as cash because youcan buy a lot of stuff at very competitive prices at If you don’t want to use them, you can tradeyour Amazon gift cards (codes) on the internet for cash. You may not realizethat there are many ways you can get FREE Amazon gift cards (codes). Thisarticle is going to show you how to get FREE Amazon Gift Cards (Codes) in 8ways.

EarnFREE Amazon gift cards (codes) by reading emails. That sounds impossible.Actually there are many companies on the internet who want to pay you to readadvertising emails, for example, MyPoints and Memolink. They make money fromcompanies advertising with them, and they want to share part of the money withyou by paying your cash or FREE Amazon gift cards (codes). You just need tosign up at these sites with your email and regularly read emails they send toyou. The more emails you read, the more reward points you will earn. Theserewards points will accumulate in your account and are good for prizeredemption including (Amazon Gift Cards (codes)). All these legitimatecompanies should be FREE to join.

Get FREE Amazon gift cards (codes) by taking free trial offers. Manyonline websites want to pay you for trying new things, for exampleQuizpointsand Memolink. If you like trying new things before you buy them, you should trythese websites. Some of them pay you cash, others give you Free gifts includingAmazon gift cards (codes).

Earn FREE Amazon gift cards (codes) by working at Amazon mechanical turk.You can sign up at Amazon mechanical turk as a worker and finish tasks (alsoknown as Hits) to earn money paid in cash or Amazon credits (similar to FREEAmazon gift cards (codes)).

EarnFREE Amazon gift cards (codes) by taking surveys online. Many companies want toknow how you think about their products and services, so they encourage you toanswer their surveys by rewarding you with cash, prizes or free sweepstakesentries. For example, survey incentives at Opinion Outpost, Socratic Forum andDaily Survey Panel include FREE Amazon gift cards (codes). All the legitimatesurvey panels are FREE to join. If you want to earn money taking surveys, check out the 100 top-rated online survey sites and the FREE directory of online paid survey sites.

EarnFREE Amazon gift cards (codes) by shopping with Amazon rewards visa creditcards. You can $30 credit when you sign up Amazon rewards visa credit cardsbrought to you by chase. When you shop with your Amazon rewards visa creditcard, you earn rewards points for all your purchase (not only your purchase atAmazon). These rewards points can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards (codes).

Get FREE Amazon gift cards (codes) by searching the internet. This may beanother unbelievable thing. But it is true. You can win rewards while searching theinternet, like you did everyday on google or yahoo search engine. Many websitesencourage you to use their search engines by rewarding you free gifts orprizes. For example, at SwagBucks , you can redeem your rewardspoints for Amazon gift cards (codes). To learn more, you should visit Swagbucks website or read Swagbucks review.

Get FREE Amazon gift cards (codes) by shopping Amazon promotions.Sometimes Amazon run promotions where you can get Amazon gift cards (codes) foryour qualified purchase. Usually these Amazon gift cards (codes) are good foryour next Amazon purchase, but not current one.

GetFREE Amazon gift cards (codes) by recycling your old gadgets. If you have usedelectronics such as digital cameras, ipods, cell phones and so forth and youdon’t want them anymore, don’t throw them away because you can recycle them,which is good for the environment and also for you financially. For example,you can recycle your used electronics at Gazelle and Swagbucks, and in turn they will give youAmazon gift cards (codes) for your trade-in.


Combine Amazon Goldbox lighting deals, Amazon primeand Amazon gift cards and you will save a lot of money on your next purchase atAmazon.

Warnings: Use Amazon gift cards before they expire.


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